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Let's Go To The Movies

I don’t usually go to popular movies, particularly during the Christmas season. The crowds in a headlong rush to be the first to see an opening debut, has never held much attraction for me. However, this year, I may make an exception. No doubt by now, you have probably heard the hackers getting into Sony Studios databases as revenge for the movie “The Interview”. Now the same hackers are attempting to scare people away from the theaters by threats of unspecified terrorist attacks on the theaters showing the same movie and their patrons. As a result, this morning we read in the local newspapers that the premier, which was set for New York, has been canceled.

I remember a time when we didn’t scare so easy. But, we have away to prove them wrong. This Christmas season, I’m going to the movies, and particularly going to see “The Interview” even though it may not be a good movie or necessarily humorous. I think sitting in the theater at a time when terrorist want to alter and change our behavior is not only an act of defiance but just outright patriotism. Terrorist only win when we conform to their bidding, such as plunge headlong into a 3 trillion dollar war seeking revenge instead of justice. Or, staying home from a theater because of a threat from an cowardly, unknown, deluded, windbag.

I haven’t seen many Seth Rogen movies. And I have to admit, I never been a fan of his type of humor. But I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and support Americans who understand that satire may be the best form of protest (thank you Jon Stewart).

So, if you want to join me right after Christmas day, let’s all go to the movies. Not as an act of courage, or even patriotism, but common sense which tells the nameless and faceless terrorist who threaten our country constantly, if they really believe in their cause………. step out of the shadows. I’ll be waiting. Please step out of the shadows. I want to see your face when you come to the realization that you are supporting genocidal, fascist, insane leaders and regimes which are only bent on their own self-destruction.

Happy Holidays and bring your own flag to the movies. Mine will be red, white, and blue, the colors of openness, progress and freedom. Let them have the black flag of death.

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