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When arrested or charged with a criminal offense, seek the counsel of an attorney immediately to protect and defend your rights. I have 30 years experience dealing with all types of criminal cases from traffic offenses to murder.  I have practiced criminal law in both state and federal court, handling everything from complex drug conspiracy cases to property crimes to crimes against persons.

Criminal Law in Denton Includes:

Aggravated Assault




Burglary, Property Theft, Fraud




Domestic Violence


Drug Cases



Habeas Corpus


Juvenile Crimes




Post Conviction


Sex Crimes


Traffic Offenses


Other Cases

Federal Criminal Law

Federal criminal defense is a highly complex area of the law.  Whether you’ve been charged with conspiracy, controlled substance fraud, weapons charges, computer crimes or white-collar crimes, you need an experienced, aggressive attorney who understands how the federal system operates.


A criminal defense must be innovative and experienced, but it also should be affordable.  I work with my clients on payment terms which reflect their ability to pay while providing the best defense available.

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